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Different formulas

There are three possibilities:

  1. non-obligatory introductory meeting: a good conversation says a lot more than letters and CV’s
  2. internship (supported by VDAB): “beroepsverkennende stage” and “IBO”
  3. contract: interim, fixed duration or indefinite period
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Every talent we have, is ready to start right away!

  • They are all looking for work
  • They are registered with VDAB
  • They possess all valid documents to be able to work in Belgium 
Absolutely free service!

Intercultural Talents does not ask for a commission or selection fee! We only ask to give our talents a chance.

And as an added bonus, we (the job coaches) do follow-ups and monitor the well being of both sides during the first three months of employment.


Meet Ali

“There is always room to grow!"

° Kosovar roots
° Diploma: Agricultural Engineer in Turkey

° More than 6 year experience as an innovative and experienced Horticultural engineer with a proven track record of identifying issues and achieving solutions to increase agricultural productivity. Adept in communicating with land owners and businesses regarding appropriate land treatment, soil conditions, and pest control. Experienced in repairing and improving crop facilities, and committed to achieving the highest level of client satisfaction possible
° Language skills: Albanian (level C1), Turkish (level C1), English (level B2), Dutch (level B1), German (level B1), Servisch (level A2)

Meet Ghazal

"Anything that the human mind can visualize and believe in, humans can achieve!"

° Born in Syria, living in Hechtel-Eksel. In Belgium since 2015.
° Degree: Master of Science of Pharmaceutical care (Belgium), Bachelor of Science in pharmacy and pharmaceutical chemistry (Syria)

° Experience of more than 15 years in the fields of pharmaceutical work.
° Language skills: Arabic (maternal), Dutch (B2) and English (B2)

Meet Hudanur

“Children are the future!"

° Turkish roots. 4 years living in Genk, Belgium
° Degree: Bachelor Applied Psychology

° 13 years as psychological guidance counselor of children and families in Turkey
° Language skills: Turkish (maternal), Dutch (level C1)

Meet Ewa

"Knowledge is power"

° Born in Poland, living in Belgium since 2010.
° Degree: Bachelor in Accountancy (Poland): equated bachelor level in Belgium.

° About 3 years of administration, accounting and customer service experience in
° companies in Belgium.
° Experience working with SAP.
° Language skills: Polish (maternal), Dutch (level B2) and English (level B1)

Meet Canan

“Being different is the challenge!"

° Born in Turkey, now since one year living in Maasmechelen 
° Degree: Preschool teacher and degree in Social Work (equated in Belgium with Bachelor Social Work)

° 2 years as a preschool teacher and one year as an intern as social worker in Turkey

° Her perseverance and het eagerness to learn got her to reach the Dutch language level C1 in less than 10 months! She is very committed and does volunteer work for the time being until employment. She very socially feeling and wishes to guide other in fields where they might struggle

° Language skills: Turkish (maternal), Dutch (level C1) and English (basic)

Meet Mert

"You are what you do. Not what you say you will do."

° Turkish background. Inhabitant of Genk as of october 2019
° Degree: Master of Business Administration, Master in Law and Master Economic Science (Turkey ~ equivalence started)

° 7 years experience as a financial inspector for the Ministry of Finance in Turkey. He published 13 books (f.e. in International Accounting Standards, General Accounting, Taxes and applications, inspection procedures for government employess, management accounting and financial management). 3 of which are being used to prepare for the exam of Certified Public Accountant in Turkey
° Wants to start as accountant, auditor or taxconsultant and willing to relocate for a job

° Language skills: Turkish (maternal) and Dutch (level B2) and English (level B2)

Meet Laura

"Bringing ideas to life!"

° Born in Romania. Living in Uikhoven, since February 2018
° Degree: Master in Exploration in Plastic and Decorative Arts from the University of Fine Arts in Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

° Over 13 years experience in Advertising Agencies and Newspaper Editorial Offices.
° Over 13 years of experience as a portrait photographer.
° Photoshop is her main image-editing tool. She excels in Corel Draw for vector work, but she can also find her way just fine with Illustrator and InDesign.
° Is looking for a full-time job to combine her design, drawing and photography skills as a content creator, and hopefully to further develop other visual ones.
° Languages: Romanian (maternal), Dutch (actual level B2 – finished level C2 at PCVO), English (level C2), French (level B1)

Meet Hassan

"Nothing is impossible!"

° Iranian roots, living in Houthalen-Helchteren since 2019
° Degree: Master Executive Management – Strategic Management and Bachelor Computer Engineering Software (equation started)

° No less than 17 years of experience as a network and hardware expert, of which 14 years at the Chamber of Commerce in Tehran. Lots of experience in tracking, analyzing and solving network/hardware problems. Also has experience leading a team as IT manager and performing on the work floor as a team member.

° Willing to relocate for a job

° Language skills: Farsi (maternal)

Meet Tynchtykbek

“Solving complex tasks is much more interesting, like conquering a mountain!"

° Originally from Kyrgyztan
° Degree: Master in IT – Complex information security of automated systems (Kyrgyz State University)

° Expertise: System support, system analysis, performance reporting, finding solutions for improvement, system construction.
° Language skills: Kyrgyz (maternal), Dutch (level A2), English (level B2), Russian (level C1), and Turkish (level A2)

Meet Hitomi

"Analyze, write and edit with style!"

° Originally from Japan, living in Belgium since 2018 °
° Education: PhD in International Studies, MA and BA in International Studies

° 10 years of experience in Japan as: researcher, teacher, content writer, and content editor.
° Language skills: Japanese (maternal), English (level C 2), Dutch (level A1), Spanish (basic) and Chinese Mandarin (basic)

Meet Alejandra

“The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.” Working with processes is my true calling."

° Formerly from Colombia, currently residing in Millen (Sint-Truiden) for 6 months now
° Degree: Industrial Engineer (Universidad Autonoma de Occidente)

° 6 years of experience in customer service following the Lean Manufacturing method, risk analysis and process quality control
° Language skills: Spanish (maternal), English (level B1) and Dutch (level B1)

Meet Joyce

“The value of information management is never for its own sake, but to provide insight and make a leap in innovation, quality improvement and raising customer satisfaction.”
I love analysing data to achieve all this.

° UK born, living in Hasselt for about 8 years
° Degree: Master of Science and PhD in Computer science, Doctor in Philosophy

° 5+ years experience as a data analyst in profit and non-profit organisations and government agencies
° Language skills: English (maternal) and Dutch (level B2)

Meet Tuba

"Accounting is the language of business. I can be your translator."

° Orignally from Turkey, currently living in Alken for the past seven years
° Degree: Bachelor in Business Administration (Anadolu University)

° 4 years of accounting experience in companies in Turkey f.e. Fiat
° Language skills: Turkish (maternal), Dutch (level B2) and English (level A2)

Meet Bruce

A “transport and mobility specialist” fascinated by making transportation safer, faster, cheaper, sustainable and accessible

° Ugandan by nationality, citizen of Diepenbeek for about 5 years
° Degree: Master of science of Transportation science specializing in Mobility management from Belgium and Bachelor’s degree of procurement and logistics management from Kampala (Uganda)

° Quick learner and team player with a passion in identifying areas in need of solving transportation problems by suggesting the best solution for smart and sustainable transportation modes.  Strong inductive and deductive reasoning skills, with in dept knowledge of transportation systems and logically grounded with critical-thinking skills makes for the ability to recognize possible solutions for potential problems. Topped off with expertise in organizing data collections into understandable patterns using statistical software(s).
° Language skills: English (maternal) and Dutch (level A2)

Meet Salloum

“Always looking for the best and most beautiful design!"

° Orginating from Syria, now stationed in Hasselt. Since 2018 in Belgium.
° Degree: Master of Science in industrial science: electronics-ICT (expertise area industrial science and technology)

° Over 19 years of experience in three domains: electrical studies for buildings and drawing out the plans, managing computer networks and specialized lighting studies for projects (buildings, playgrounds, gymnasiums, …)

° Experience working with Autocad 2D, Dialux and Dialux Evo

° Language skills: Arabic (maternal), Dutch (level B2) and English (level B1)

Meet Bola

"A penny saved is a penny earned."

° Hails from Egypt and came to Belgium in 2013 with a residents permit since 2019. Living in Maaseik
° Degree: Bachelor in Accountancy (Egypt): equated bachelor level in Belgium
Course “coworker Accoutancy” – VDAB Genk 2019-2020

° 5 years experience as an accountant in Egypt. Very strong with numbers, good knowledge of MS Office (especially Excel), Navision, Exact Online and Oracle Software
° Language skills: Arabic (maternal) and Dutch (level B1) and English (level B1)

Meet Agnieszka

“HR with a heart for people."

° Originally from Poland, living in Belgium since 2016
° Degree: Professional bachelor Economy (Poland) ~Equated with a bachelor. Also completed an integrated clerk training for non-native speakers and wages- and personnel administration foundation (VDAB Genk)

° In Poland 15 years of experience as all-round HR manager for several production companies which she held the HR tasks from A to Z for about 150-200 employees

° Why HR? Here one can make the difference for a company by selecting the right people for the right job and be an added value by supporting the employees with the right knowledge

° Language skills: Polish (maternal), Dutch (level C1) and German (level B1)

Meet Iva

"The role of the infinitely small in nature is infinitely big!"

° Bulgarian genes, since 2014 in Belgium as a doctoral scholar at UHasselt
° Degree: Bachelor degree in Molecular biology and Master Degree in Microbiology at Sofia University – Doctorate, Universiteit Hasselt

° you can describe her as patient with a passion for science. Methodical work and organized are her strong suits. As a good scientist, she is curious, persistent and enterprising

° She is on the look out for a job involving bacteria and where she is a real asset in the research process

° Language skills: Bulgarian (maternal), German (level C2), Dutch (level C1) and English (level C1)

Meet Mahmut

“I want to make the difference, as a person, for society."

° Turkish roots, living in Heusden-Zolder for 2 years now
° Degree: Master of Arts in Modern Turkish dialects and Bachelor teacher English and Russian

° More than 18 years as foreign student teacher and guidance counselor in Istanbul (Turkey) and Macedonia

° Language skills: Turkish (maternal), English (level B2), Russian (level B2), Macedonian (level B2), Dutch (level B1), Arabic and other Slavic languages (level A2)

Meet Svetlana

"Building people and client's not a job. It's a passion!"

° Born in Russia, now residing in Velm for the past 6 years
° Degree: Master in technical design (Automotive)

° 15+ years of experience in customer service in Russia and Belgium in a B2B chemical sector environment

° Language skills: Russian (maternal), Dutch (level B2) and English (level B1)

Meet Adriano

“I Want To Contribute In Technology Because It is the Back bone Of the new Generation”.

° From Rwanda, now living in Houthalen-Helchteren for the past 6 months
° Degree: Bachelor and Masters of Science in Information and Technology (Kabale University & Jomo Kenyatta University)

° I have been IT Technician for the last 8years with strong ability in Computer Support and Network Engineering. Offering computer installation, configuration and System (Server) Administration.
° Certificates: CompTIA A+ Technician • Internet Society Certificate • CCNA Academy
° Language skills: Kyarwanda (maternal), English (level B2), French (level B2) and Dutch (level A1 – just started online classes)

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