Ilse Janssenswillen


Passionate about people…

I think that is the best way to describe what I do and why I do it. Over what seems a lifetime already, I have grown from national and international companies via the social sector to where I am today, doing what I love most: helping people understand people on the work floor.

Over the years I have seen a lot of unused potential and downright wasted talent, sometimes due to certain circumstances, other times as a result from miscommunication or misunderstandings. I have made it my mission, backed up with the right trainings of course, to be the intermediate person in order to create win-win situations for these non-native employees and their current or future employers.

My goal is to link the right talent with the right employer and have them both benefit from a long prosperous work relationship!

Liesbeth Claes


I like to think that the following keywords describe me best: friendly, connecting, tenacious, enthousiastic, intuitive and practical. I am a sucker for authenticity, empowerment and really enjoy networking.

In February 2020 I founded ‘Hoofdjagers’. The common divisor here is coaching.

As a job coach I consider myself a Human Resources partner for companies and a career partner for job searchers. My other activity: yoga teacher might seem something completely different but also here, I guide my yogis on a search for their inner self, something a person searching for a suitable job has to do as well: ‘what is it you really want from a job?’.
Another pillar of what I do, is part time teaching job oriented training for ‘school tired’ adolescents.

In both my pedagogical and job coaching roles, I find truth in this quote: “If you judge a fish by his ability to fly, he will feel stupid all its life”.

I truly believe that focusing on talents, creates a win-win situation for employer as well as employee.

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