we are intercultural talents!

Our goal is to connect higher educated non-natives to a suitable employer.

Discover here what we can do for you and how.
The program works. Now let it work for you!

What is in it for you as a higher educated non-native?

Personal branding

Presenting yourself on the job market and the way how you do that, is especially important. Let us make (future) employers notice you.

We are CEO’s of our own companies: “Me Inc”.

Finding a suitable job

Some tools are more successful or suitable to convince future employers. Learn which ones, meanwhile keeping an eye on what is the right focus for a non-native.

Succesful people are not necessarily gifted. They just work hard and success is a logical result.


What if you don’t know anyone in your new environment, let alone in the field you want to work in? Networking is our speciality and we’ll be happy to share our knowledge with you.

It is not who you know, but who knows you.

Explore opportunities

We will show you how to look for and recognize opportunities on the job market, and connect with future employers.

Sometimes opportunity knocks, but most of the time it sneaks up and then quietly steals away.

How does it work?

Your journey to success!

It all starts with a single first step and will take maximum 12 months.

The goal is to support and guide you as a non-native speaker towards the Belgian job market and connect you with local companies. As job coaches we are constantly building bridges and expanding networks in order to give you the maximum opportunities to succeed!

We can help you if you fit the following requirements:

  • home address in Limburg (BE)
  • currently of previously a non-Belgian nationality
  • in possession of the necessary documents to work in Belgium
  • minimum a bachelor degree from non-Belgian institute
  • minimum level A2 Dutch speaking
  • have a clear vision about your job target (what kind of job)
  • being highly motivated to reach that job target together with your job coach

Totally convinced?

Or maybe not quite yet, but want to know more?

We 're waiting on the other side!

As an employer,

it is not always easy to find the right person for a certain position. But believe us, there are so many highly motivated people out there. And the best part is: they can not wait to meet you and convince you of their qualities!


“I was lucky to have met Ilse and Liesbeth when I started the job searching here in Belgium. Their approach in the process is not only at the highest level of professionalism, but the most important, it sets the human part in the center of it. The journey is demanding. But Ilse and Liesbeth are always there at every single moment. Not only to give advice and valuable help about possible vacancies and job applications, but the most important to me, “the little voice over your shoulder” when you need that the most. That voice is the game changer in the whole job searching process.”

Kleiton (Greece)

To us, Bruce is a real member of the team. We look forward to be together for a while longer in Brussels as part of his internship. Bruce does not hesitate to think along about stances and visions we have to develop. The internship not only benefits him but most definitely also us.
A fantastic initiative, internships like this. It can only enrich us as a team and benefit our service, the department and the Flemish Government in general.

Marleen Coenen
Coördinator team Infrastructuurnetwerken 

Intercultural Talents was the light-house in the storm for me. In the time of the epidemic, these dedicated people managed to teach me to better represent myself, they opened and explained the Belgian job-market and thanks to our combined efforts, I now have a job in my field and am following my preferred internship.
Here, you won’t just get some tips on how to make your cv stand out. You will have a person who gets to know you, checks up on your status regularly to make sure your efforts are not wasted, and finally promotes you to possible employers and represents your interest even after you are hired.

Ilse and Liesbeth are just amazing and dedicated people, they complement each other in energy and compassion, and they bring out the best in us.
If you are here, you’re already in very good hands.

Laura (Romania)

I would like to thank you for this project that gave us ideas and helped us enter the job market in Belgium. We learned how to create professional CVs, the importance of communication networks, and how tomanage them.
For me, the work coach always supported me in preparing the interviews … I do not forget the words of support from her: “Salloum, you speak Dutch well, you have a master, your capabilities are the same as that of the tester. Go and discuss the work with the owner of the company … “
Thanks Ilse and liesbeth for your trust in us.

Salloum (Syria)

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me.
Lovely people! Colleagues!
If ever you need help finding a job that is in line with your education or experience, with them you are where you need to be. I can utterly recommend Liesbeth and Ilse. They are an excellent female power team that helps achieve your professional dreams. Precision in action! Creativity to help! Tolerance and what we all call ‘professionalism’. The right people in the right spot! I really recommend working with them.

Agnieszka (Poland)

I want to start by saying that I am very glad to be in “your team”. We are lucky. You give us the feeling that we are not alone in this challenging searching for work process. Always a smiling face and quick feedback to our questions. I am in Liesbeth’s team and will always be grateful for everything that she has taught me and how she made me feel. Super thanks the both of you for all your valuable information and genuine help

Pinar (Turkey)

Hi all. In this project, you are paired up with super mentors. They are right beside you with full confidence in achieve the goal. Many thanks to the team for their excellent work in a especially difficult project, uniting specialists from all over the world. Respect!

Tynchtykbek (Kyrgyzstan)

I am so grateful. Even though I have known difficult times since the first day we met, the support never stopped. She has motivated me immensely. I often thought about giving up but thanks to her, I never did. Through the workshops, I received very useful information. Thanks for everything!

Ayse (Turkey)

Our journey started in August 2020 during the pandemic crisis. Besides the work that we would put in, that wasn’t primary value. I noticed that the most important value was honesty. Ilse and Liesbeth are giving opinions that work like an arrow shot directly at a target. Before I didn’t even think that there is such an amazing organisation that could help us foreigners like Intercultural Tallents. I am very proud and happy to be a part of this project and i think that every foreigner should at least even once talk to them to get their personal advice to prepare for the market. Believe me, I have learned important things that you won’t learn anywhere else. Now I got an internship that starts on 13th of April 2021 and I am sure that without their help, I would never have been this successful. For me personally, it was an amazing experience to have such a great friends. Yes, that’s right…friends, not coaches. Because only friends treat you like that.

Aliekber (Kosovo)

Intercultural Talents helped me find something that I had been looking for ever since I moved to Belgium 8 years ago: An employer that recognises my talents and views me as an asset to their team. Although I am highly educated, have many years of work experience and good knowledge of Dutch, I have had a hard time finding a job in Limburg that matched my abilities. Within 3 months of working with Ilse and Liesbeth, I had been offered 3 internships within public sector organisations. I am now about to begin an 8-month contract. Thanks to Intercultural Talents, I have finally found a job that challenges me and brings me joy.

Dr. Joycelyn Harris BA hons. MSc PhD (UK)

Where can you find us?

Corda Campus Incubator – Gebouw A
Kempische steenweg 303 bus 200
3500 Hasselt

C-mine Crib
C-mine 12
3600 Genk

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